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Unit Sub-Station



Al asry offers a wide variety of unit substation designs to meet customer requirements. A unit substation consists of one transformerelectrically connected to and coordinated in design with one or more switchgear or switchboard assemblies. A secondary unit substation is defined as a unit substation whose outgoing section is rated below 1000 volts.

A typical secondary unit substation consists of three sections:

  • Primary: an incoming section that accepts incoming high voltage (2400 to 13,800 volts) line
  • Transformer: section that transforms incoming voltage down to utilization Voltage (600 volts or less
  • Secondary: an outgoing section that distributes power to outgoing feeders and provides protection for these Feeders (600 volts and less)


Standard secondary unit substations consist of

  • Medium Voltage Primary
  • Transformer
  • Low Voltage Secondary

Asry also offers low voltage unit substations with

  • Low Voltage Primary
  • Transformer
  • Low Voltage Secondary

The primary reason for using a secondary unit substation is to bring power as close as possible to the center of the loads. Another reason is that it provides a system design concept incorporating a wide variety of components that permits tailoring equipment to the needs of the application.

A secondary unit substation provides:

  • Reduced power losses
  • Better voltage regulation
  • Improved service continuity
  • Increased functional flexibility
  • Lower installation cost
  • Efficient space utilization

Every component and assembly of secondary unit substations are designed and engineered as an integral part of a complete system.


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