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Main Distribution Panel



Power guard Main distribution panelgenerally installed downstream of Switch gear LV transformer and generator these are feeding to Sub main distribution panel board motor control centers, and Load control centers and lighting panel

It is manufactured as per IEC-60439-2 and 61439-2 the POWER GUARD MDP gear are designed modular form with standardized section easy to fit customer requirement, It can be facilitate to communicate with SCADA and BMS. The rating are up to 6300A in form 1 to form-4b


  • The frame are manufactured from high quality galvanize steel 2mm thickness
  • The door are manufactured same as above material 1.5 to 2mm thickness
  • Paint finish polyester powder coated RAL 7035 as standard other color on request
  • Bus bar are 99.9% tinplated copper. silver plating on request
  • Current density of bus bar are 1.6A/mm^2 neutral bus bar 50% of phase 100% on request and ground bus bar 50% of neutral 100% on request
  • Designed for Ambient temperature 50 degrees Celsius
  • Modular designed switchgears are

Extensible by standard modules. any other features can be added on request

  • incoming and outgoing breaker are air circuit breaker or molded case circuit breaker


Design Standards

  • IEC-61439-2
  • IEC-60439-2
  • NEC-VL891
  • NEMA-PB2

Degree of protection

  • IP-41
  • IP-54
  • IP-55

Nema Standard

  • NEMA-1
  • NEMA-12
  • NEMA-3
  • NEMA-3R
  • NEMA-4
  • NEMA-4X